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main performance and property:

solid caustic soda flake is white crystal. and the purity product is very transparent. our caustic soda flake product has the features of white color, fine liquidity, rapid dissolving speed, convenient for storage and etc.

main uses:

it is widely used in artificial fiber, paper making, dyeing, soap, dyes, textile, pharmaceutical, glass, ceramic and metal products industry. in addition, it is the main material of pesticide, storage battery, leather, organic synthesis and electroplating industry

product packing:

liquid is in bulk. solid is in iron drum and net weight is 200kg; caustic is in iron drum and net weight is 20kg, or in woven bag for 25kg.

transportation, storage and notes:

for liquid product, impact should be avoided; for solid product and caustic product, they have strong corrosion on skin and cellulose, please be carefully. therefore, please make sure the product is in seal to avoid rainfall. hand with gently in transportation. and please wash with clean water if human body touch it.