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caustic soda liquid is colorless transparent liquid; relative density is 2.130; melting point is 3184.4℃ and boiling point is 1390℃. it is 1st level inorganic alkaline corrosion substance. dangerous no. is 95001. it should be stored and transported by tank car or storage tank.

caustic soda liquid is important chemical material and has wide application fields. in chemical industry, it is used for the preparation of formic acid, formic acid, borax, carbolic acid, sodium cyanide, soap and synthetic detergent. in printing and dyeing industry, it is used as desizing agent, boiling off agent and dyes solvent. in metallurgy industry it is used to produce aluminium hydroxide, aluminum oxide and metal surface treatment chemicals.


except that, it is widely used in ceramic, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, leather, coating and glass industry.