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in may 2010, 150,000 tons ionic membrane technically improvement project was put into production in commission.


in 2008, our company kept fine enterprise development trend by energy conservation and emission reduction.


in march 2007, annual production capacity realized new stage by thecomplete of polrvinyl chloride project.


in 2006, polrvinyl chloride project was under building with total investment of rmb 950 million yuan.


in 2005, through 2 times of increase in capital and share, our company has 16,936 shares.


in 2003, our company invested 4 projects and 3 of them were put into production.


in 2001, our company realized demutualization reconstruction and new “shanxi yushe chemical limited” was established.


in 2000, our company invested rmb 3.4 million yuan to introduce new generator set.


in 1989, our company invested rmb 3 million yuan to carry out technical reformation.


 in 1988, our company invested rmb 7.97 million yuan to start caustic soda project technical reformation.


in 1973, yushe fertilizer plant was established by the investment of rmb 4.8 million yuan.